Intern Positions - FAQs

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Medical Education

The Royal Melbourne Hospital has a Medical Education Unit dedicated to the education and training of its junior medical staff.

The team is made up of the following:

  • Director of Medical Education - Associate Professor Peter Morley
  • Director of Clinical Training - Associate Professor Lou Irving
  • Supervisor of Intern Training - Dr Louisa Ng
  • Medical Clinical Educator - Dr Shyamala Sriram
  • Medical Clinical Skills Educator - Chris Norton
  • Medical Education Manager - Lynne Denby

Medical Education delivers:

  • Weekly 'protected' Intern Education sessions held on Wednesday over lunch.

    The sessions are digitally recorded and can be accessed via the intranet on the Postgraduate Medical Education and Research website or on the internet via your library log in.

  • Copies of the timetable for both the Intern Education sessions and the HMO's Education sessions can be found on our website

  • Feedback & Performance: mid-term and end of term for each rotation.

    Assessment and feedback processes are in place for each rotation (forms available on the website). These will be emailed to you and sent to your supervisor twice throughout your rotation.

    Feedback and assessment occurs twice per rotation, half way through the rotation as mid term feedback, (an opportunity to self assess and to find out how you're going) and then at the end as your final assessment for the rotation.

  • Online rotation feedback

    Evaluation processes are in place for each educational intervention and also for each rotation. You will be asked to complete a number of surveys throughout the year to assist us to find out how you're going. Help us help you, by completing these when requested.

  • Supervision

    Dedicated Supervisor of Intern Training and Director Clinical Training (for mentoring, career guidance and general support).

  • Orientation to hospital and to specific units

    A three day orientation program is held at the beginning of the year and unit guides are available from each unit to facilitate your transition into the medical workforce.

  • Life Support Training

    An ILS (Intermediate Life Support) training session will be held for all interns during orientation. In addition to this, training is run four times throughout the year in three-hour training blocks.

  • Careers Forum

    Held in May of every year for both interns and HMO's, with presentations from relevant departments/training groups.

  • E-Learning

    An interactive online environment which includes presentations, videos, assessments, unique case studies and other resources which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Medical Workforce

1. How do I select which rotations I want?

Soon after contracts go out to successful applicants, a roster and leave preference form is also sent out. The roster preference form will contain many different options for rotations spread out over the entire year, all of which need to be numbered from most desirable to least desirable. The forms are then used by MWU to find a fair balance that generates the highest number of desirable outcomes for the largest number of interns.

2. How much leave are interns given and how is it allocated?

Interns accrue 5 weeks annual leave. Two weeks is to be taken during the year and the remaining three at the end of your internship. Allocation is determined from a preference form for annual leave which is submitted with your rotation preference form.

3. Do I get paid overtime?

Yes – all rostered overtime will be paid. Unrostered overtime (which is minimal) is paid once appropriate authorisation have been received.